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Brain Mapping (QEEG)
Neurofeedback training starts with an assessment. A head cap is used to record 12 sites of brainwave activity. The brain map is compared to a normative database and used to set up accurate training.

Neurofeedback Training
Neurofeedback is Operant Conditioning and Natural. It balances and normalizes brainwave activity. Sessions are 30 minutes each, twice a week.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
NLP uses neurology, language, and programming to assess and change our belief systems. It describes the dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic).

Mental Health Counseling
Counseling with a clincial social worker or professional counselor to process thoughts and behaviors. Develop cognitive and life skills.

Social Skills Development
A professional coach works with you to learn and practice social and life skills. Learn skills to increase success in social situations, employment, and interpersonal confidence.
16 Myths of Meditation
Meditation can be complex, just like your mind, but it can also be simple. Besides managing stress, medication can help decrease heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and depression.

50 Simple Stress Relief Strategies
No one is stress free. Stress can take you hostage, so you need to be proactive and plan for how you will make today a great day.

Self Care Worksheet
Stress can be a part of every facet of your
life. Use this worksheet to assess your
stress and make a plan to reduce it.

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Intro to Neurofeedback - how
it decreases ADHD
February 21,
10am (MST)